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All Available Product Categories Menu
Aerial Cable Placing, Lay-Up Sticks & Tree Pruning Kits Menu
Pole Saws & Tree Pruning Accessories Menu
Jameson Side Cut & Center Cut Pruners
13" & 16" Jameson Saw Blades
Jameson Pruner Adapters & Pole Saw Heads
Jameson Tree and Line Clearance Accessories
Jameson Pole Carrying Cases & Tool Bags
Jameson Fiberglass Lay-Up Sticks Menu
Jameson Double-Lock Fiberglass Telescoping Pole
Jameson B-Lite Series Fiberglass Pruner Poles
Jameson FG Series Fiberglass Lay-Up Sticks
Jameson JE Series Dielectric Lay-Up Sticks
Jameson LS Series Fiberglass Pruner Poles
Jameson Tree Trimming Kits Menu
Jameson B-Lite Hollow-Core Tree Trimming Kits
Jameson FG Hollow-Core Tree Trimming Kits
Jameson JE Dielectric Tree Trimming Kits
Jameson LS Hollow-Core Tree Trimming Kits
Overhead Cable Placing Menu
Eagle Cable Lasher
Lineman Cable Lasher
Model Q Cable Lasher
Cable Lashing Wire
Lift Bucket Tool Mounts & Accessories Menu
Bucket Mount Chainsaw Holders
Bucket Mount Tool Holders

Ventilator Blowers Main Menu
Allegro Axial Blowers Menu
Allegro Centrifugal Blowers Menu
Allegro Explosion-Proof Blowers Menu
8" Axial/Centrifugal Blowers Menu
8" AC Axial Blowers
8" DC Axial Blowers
8" AC Compact Axial Blowers
8" DC Compact Axial Blowers
8" AC Compact Plastic Axial Blowers
8" AC Compact Plastic Axial Blowers w/Swing Arm
8" DC Compact Plastic Axial Blowers
8" AC Explosion-Proof Axial Blowers
8" AC Compact Plastic Explosion-Proof Axial Blowers
8" AC 2-Speed Centrifugal Blower
8" Air-Driven Centrifugal Blower
8" AC Centrifugal Blower
8" Gas-Powered Centrifugal Blowers
8" AC Heavy-Duty Explosion-Proof Centrifugal Blower
8" AC Heavy-Duty Centrifugal Blower
8" AC High Output Centrifugal Blower
8" & 12" AC Airbag Axial Blowers
12" Axial Blowers Menu
12" AC Axial Blowers
12" DC Axial Blowers
12" AC High Output Axial Blower
12" AC Explosion-Proof Axial Blowers
12" AC Compact Plastic Axial Blowers
12" DC Compact Plastic Axial Blowers
12" AC Compact Plastic Explosion-Proof Axial Blowers
12" AC Industrial Plastic Axial Blowers
12" DC Industrial Plastic Axial Blowers
12" AC Industrial Plastic Explosion-Proof Axial Blower
16" Axial Blowers Menu
16" AC Axial Blower
16" AC Explosion-Proof Axial Blower
16" AC High Output Axial Blower
16" AC High Output Explosion-Proof Axial Blower
16" AC Industrial Plastic Axial Blower
20" Axial Blowers Menu
20" AC Axial Blower
20" AC Explosion-Proof Axial Blower
20" AC High Output Axial Blower
20" AC High Output Explosion-Proof Blower
26" Axial Blowers Menu
26" AC Axial Blower
Allegro Blower Accessories Menu
Blower Filter Box
Non-Collapsible Retractable Blower Ducting
Collapsible Lay Flat Blower Ducting
Statically Conductive Blower Ducting
Duct Storage Bag
Duct Storage Canister
Allegro Duct-to-Duct Connector
Adapter Reducer for 16" Axial Blowers
Allegro Y-Duct Connector
Allegro MVP Manhole Ventilation Passthru

Cable Pulling & Lifting Winch Menu
TUF-Lugger Portable Cable Puller Kit
TUF-Lugger Lite Portable Cable Puller
TUF-Lugger Lite Portable Cable Puller & Lift Winch
TUF-Lugger Lite Electric Cable Puller & Lift Winch
Fiber Optic Cable Puller
Meter Box Wire Puller
Duct Proofing & Installation Menu
Duct Checker - Poly Mandrel
Duct Checker - Steel Mandrel
Heavy-Duty Duct Brush
Spiral Duct Brush
Test Slug Mandrel
Innerduct & Cable Pulling Eyes & Accessories Menu
Swivel Clevis Style Innerduct Pulling Eye
Clevis Style Innerduct Pulling Eye
Lug Style Innerduct Pulling Eye
Swivel-Grip Power Cable Pulling Eye
Power-Grip Power Cable Pulling Eye (Clevis)
Power-Grip Power Cable Pulling Eye (Lug)
Multiplex Pushing Eye - Triplex/Quadplex Cables
Multiplex Pulling Eye - Triplex/Quadplex Cables
HDD & Cable Pulling Swivels & Connectors Menu
Wire Mesh Pulling Grips
Expanding Jaw Duct Puller
Sealed Expanding Jaw Duct Puller
Cable Pulling & Hauling Line Swivels
Type 2 Clevis Swivels
Can-Link Rope Connectors
Rope to Rope Connectors
Rope to Swivel Connectors
Breakaway Swivels
Breakaway Heavy Duty Connectors
Wire Rope Bridle Slings

Cable Pulling Lubricants Menu
Tube-Lube 326 Cable Pulling Lubricant
Tube-Lube 346 Cable Pulling Lubricant
Tube-Lube 326 Applicator
Tube-Lube 326 Power Spray Applicator

Cable Reel Rollers, Turntables
& Roller Accessories Menu
Cable Reel Rollers - Unlimited Width
Cable Reel Rollers - Fixed Width
Cable Reel Turntables
Cable Reel Forklift Attachment
Cable Reel Lever Action Jack
J-Lift Portable Hydraulic Reel Caddy
Load-N-Go Portable Reel Rack System
Cable Reel Roller Accessories Menu
Roller Covers
Arbor Support Assembly
Platform Stabilizer
Reusable Reel
Cable & Wire Dispensing Carts & Caddies Menu
Cable Reel Caddy
Fiber Optic Cage
RC01 ReelCaddy Cable & Wire Spool Caddy Video
RC01 ReelCaddy Cable & Wire Spool Caddy
RC03 ReelCaddy Cable & Wire Spool Caddy
Wire Spool Caddy
Wire Spool Cart / Dispenser Rack
Wire Spool Cart / Hand Truck
Wire & Cable Measuring & Coiling Systems Menu
Wire Measuring System
Wire Coiling System
Wire Measurer & Coiler System

Vehicle Immobilizers Menu
Double Wheel Immobilizers for Trucks & Trailers
Rhino HRV Series Wheel Immobilizer
Rhino H Series Wheel Immobilizer
Rhino Immobilizer Installation Video
Rhino Rim-Loc Wheel Immobilizer
Titan Grip Wheel Immobilizer
Rhino Immobilizer Accessories & Replacement Parts

Manhole Safety Equipment Menu
Manhole Cover & Lid Lifters Menu
Manhole Lid Lifter
Deluxe Manhole Lid Lifter
Magnetic Manhole Lid Lifter
Break 'N Take 1 Magnet Lid Lifter
Compact Magnetic Manhole Lid Lifter
Utility Robotron Magnetic Manhole Lid Lifter
Fall Protection System - Confined Space Entry & Rescue Kit
Manhole Brace / Jamb Skid
Manhole Guard Rails, Shields & Tents Menu
Manhole Guard Rail
Manhole Guard Rail Winch
Plastic Manhole Guard Rail
Allegro High Impact Manhole Shield
Guard Rail Tents

Gas & Water Leak Detectors Menu
Gas Monitors, Locators & Leak Detectors Menu
HL 7000 Digital Water Leak Detector w/Bluetooth
HL 5000 Digital Water Leak Detector
HL 50-BT Water Leak Detector w/Bluetooth Headphones
LD-12 Water Leak Detector
LD-15 Water Leak Survey & Pinpoint Instrument
LD-18 Water Leak Detector
Scout Gas Personal Multi-Gas Detector

Submersible Dewatering Pumps Menu
12V PortaPump Submersible Dewatering Pump
Barnes Utility Sump Pumps
Mody M Series Submersible Sump Pump
V-Power Submersible Water Pumps
Prosser Water Pumps - 2" NPT Male Discharge
Prosser Standard Line Water Pumps Menu
Prosser Submersible Pump - 2" NPT Female Discharge
Prosser Submersible Pump - 3" NPT Female Discharge
Prosser Submersible Pump - 4" NPT Female Discharge
Prosser Submersible Pump - 6" NPT Female Discharge
Prosser Submersible Pump Replacement Parts
Water Pump Fittings Menu
A Style Pump Fitting
F Style Pump Fitting
Water Pump Discharge & Suction Hoses Menu
Collapsible Discharge Hose
Non-Collapsible Discharge Hose
Discharge & Suction Hose

Pop-Up Work Tents, Manhole Guard
Tent & Utility Umbrellas Menu
Aerial Work Tents
Aerial Bucket Tents
Aerial Strand Cover
Heavy-Duty Work Umbrellas
Non-Conductive Dielectric Safety Umbrellas
Square Utility Work Umbrellas
Pop-Up Work Tents
Kool Klamp & Heavy-Duty Umbrella Video
Pop-Up Work Tent Set-Up Video
Pop-Up Versa Wall Adjacent Tent
Pop-Up Square Canopy Cabinet Tent
Pop-Up Ped Pal Pedestal Work Tent
Work Tent & Umbrella Accessories Menu
Allegro Portable Tent Heater
Heavy-Duty Umbrella Stand
Kool Klamp Umbrella Suction Mounts
Umbrella Bucket Mount

Specials & Used Products

Cable Placing Equipment Menu
Confined Space Safety Equipment Menu
Fiberglass Fish Tapes, Duct
& Conduit Rodders Menu
Microduct Fisher 1/8" OD Fish Tape - Fiber microducts
Wee Buddy 1/8" OD Fish Tape - 1/2" conduit
Little Buddy 3/16" OD Fish Tape - 3/4" - 1.5" conduit
Easy Buddy 1/4" OD Duct Rodder - 1.5-2" conduit
Good Buddy II 3/8" OD Duct Rodder - 2-4" conduit
Good Buddy III 3/8" OD Duct Rodder - 2-4" conduit
Big Buddy 1/2" OD Conduit Rodder - 4" & larger
Jameson Fiberglass Duct & Conduit Rodders Menu
Jameson Fiberglass Fish Tapes Menu
Jameson Duct Rodder & Fish Tape Accessories Menu
Big Buddy Conduit Rodder Accessories Menu
Big Buddy Accessory Kit
Big Buddy End Ferrule Repair Kit
Big Buddy Feed Roller Kit
Big Buddy Rod Grapple Set
Big Buddy Roller Guide
Big Buddy Spring Adapter Roller Guide
Big Buddy Shackle Fitting
Big Buddy Splice Repair Kit
Big Buddy Stinger Tips
Big Buddy Swivel Coupling
Big Buddy Swivel Pulling Eye
Traceable Duct Rodders & Fish Tapes Menu
Duct Hunter Detectable Rodders
Live Plastic Gas Line Tracer Kit
Live Plastic Water Line Tracer Kit
Mini Duct Hunter Detectable Fish Tape
Ruf Rod Detectable Duct Rodder
512Hz Sonde & Carrier
Jameson Sonde & Adapters
Vivax-Metrotech Sondes
Duct Hunter Detectable Rodder Accessories Menu
Duct Hunter Accessory Kit
Duct Hunter End Ferrule Repair Kit
Duct Hunter Flexible Leaders
Duct Hunter Roller Guide
Duct Hunter Spring Adapter Roller Guide
Duct Hunter Splice Repair Kit
Duct Hunter Stinger Tips
Duct Hunter Swivel Pulling Eye
Mini Duct Hunter Accessory Kit
Easy Buddy Conduit Rodder Accessories Menu
Easy Buddy Accessory Kit
Easy Buddy End Ferrule Repair Kit
Easy Buddy Flexible Leaders
Easy Buddy Pulling Eye
Easy Buddy Rod Grapple Set
Easy Buddy Roller Guide
Easy Buddy Splice Repair Kit
Easy Buddy Swivel Coupling
Easy Buddy Swivel Pulling Eye
Glow Rods Menu
1/4" Glow Rods
3/16" Glow Rods
5/32" Glow Rods
Glow Rod Accessories
Glow Rod Deluxe Kit
Glow Rod Installer's Kit
Glow Rod Versa Kit
Good Buddy Conduit Rodder Accessories Menu
Good Buddy Duct Rodder Accessory Kit
Good Buddy End Ferrule Repair Kit
Good Buddy Rod Grapple Set
Good Buddy Roller Guide
Good Buddy Spring Adapter Roller Guide
Good Buddy Shackle Fitting
Good Buddy Splice Repair Kit
Good Buddy Stinger Tips
Good Buddy Swivel Coupling
Good Buddy Swivel Pulling Eye
Little Buddy Fish Tape Accessories Menu
Little Buddy Accessory Kit
Little Buddy End Ferrule Repair Kit
Little Buddy Flexible Leaders
Little Buddy Pulling Eye
Little Buddy Splice Repair Kit
Ruf Rod Heavy-Duty Duct Rodder Accessories Menu
Ruf Rod Accessory Kits
Ruf Rod Clevis Ends
Ruf Rod End Ferrules
Ruf Rod Flexible Guide Heads
Ruf Rod Pulling Eyes
Ruf Rod Roller Guide
Ruf Rod Sonde Adapters
Ruf Rod Splice Connectors
Ruf Rod Swivel Connectors
Wee Buddy Fish Tape Accessories Menu
Wee Buddy Accessory Kit
Wee Buddy End Ferrule Repair Kit
Wee Buddy Pulling Eye
Wee Buddy Splice Repair Kit
Wee Buddy Spring Leader
Pull Tape Line Blowing Menu
Portable Pull Line Blower
Hose Assembly & Seal Off Adapters
Control Valve, Rope Guides & Adapter
Universal & Screw-In Innerduct Seals
Expandable Duct Seals
Line Darts & Ultra-Light Birds
Inflatable & Parachute Birds
Foam Birds

Cable Sheaves, Hangers & Guides
Duct Entry Guide
Cable Pulling Sheaves
Cable Rim Roller
Corner Guides
Fiber Optic Sheaves & Quadrants
Cable Placing Sheave Hangers
Sheave Quadrants & Quadrant Hangers
Wire Rope Sheaves
Aerial Buddy Cable Sheave

Traffic Control Equipment Menu
Traffic Barrels, Drums & Channelizers Menu
Traffic Control Channelizer Drums & Bases
Traffic Barricades Menu
Type I & Type II Plastic A-Frame Barricade
Type I & Type II Plywood A-Frame Barricade
Type I & Type II Waffle Board A-Frame Barricades
Type III Plastic Barricades
Type III Plywood Barricades
Flashing Barrier & Barricade Lights Menu
Battery-Powered Flashing Warning Light
Solar Flashing Warning Light
Blue Solar Flashing Warning Light
360° Solar Flashing Warning Light
Type I & Type II Parade Barricades
Type I & Type II Parade Barricade
Type I & Type II Parade-Style Barricade
Plastic Barricade Boards for Parade & Type III Barricades
Pedestrian Barricades & Barriers Menu
Avalon Crowd Control Barricades
Strongwall ADA Compliant Pedestrian Barrier
WORKGard Escalator Barrier
WORKGard Confined Space Safety Barrier
WORKGard Pedestrian Safety Barrier
Traffic Cones Menu
CIS Orange Cones - 18", 28" or 36" Height
CIS Lime Cones - 18" or 28" Height
Orange Traffic Cones - 18" or 28" Height
Ringtop Stackable Traffic Cones
T-Top Stackable Traffic Cones
Traffic Delineators Menu
Open Top Portable Bollards
Cross Block Flexible Curb System
Ring Top Portable Bollards
Safe Edge Rooftop Portable Bollards
T-Top Portable Bollards
Ultra Panel Channelizers
Ultra Panel Channelizer Signs
Vertical Indicator Panel Channelizers & Signs
Surface Mount Bollards & Channelizers Menu
Earthflex Ground Mount Bollards
Boomerang Reboundable Surface Mount Delineators
Glue-Down Surface Mount Bollards
Repo Post Surface Mount Bollards
Roll-Up Traffic Signs & Stands Menu
Roll-Up Sign & Non-Spring Stand
Roll-Up Traffic Signs & Delta Pockets
Roll-Up Traffic Sign & Spring Stand Sets
DynaLite Springless Stand & TwinFlex Spring Stand
Handheld Traffic Signs & Safety Flags Menu
Safety Flags
Stop/Slow Paddle - 12" Handle
Pedestrian & Traffic Warnings Menu
Detectable Warning Tiles
24" Rumble Strips
18" Speed Bumps
4" Raised Pavement Markers
72" Parking Lot Car Stops
72" Speed Bumps
RoadGuide Barrier Markers

Pipe, Cable & Sonde Locators Menu
P50 & P100 Plastic Water Pipe Locators & Thumpers
RSP-3 Plastic Water Pipe Thumper
Vivax-Metrotech Pipe & Cable Locating Accessories
Vivax-Metrotech vLoc3 RTK-Pro w/GNSS Utility Locator
Vivax-Metrotech vLoc3-MLA Buried EMS Marker Locating Accessory
Vivax-Metrotech vLoc3-5000 Cable & Pipe Locator
Vivax-Metrotech vLoc3-9800 Cable & Pipe Locator
Vivax-Metrotech vLoc3-Pro Cable & Pipe Locator
Vivax-Metrotech vLoc3-Pro Plan View Tutorial Video
Vivax-Metrotech vLoc3-Pro Vector Locate & Off-Set Tutorial Video
Vivax-Metrotech vLocML2 Cable & Pipe Locator
Vivax-Metrotech vLoc3-Cam Pipe Camera Locator
Vivax-Metrotech VM-480B Split Box Locator
Vivax-Metrotech VM-540 Sonde Locator Wand
Vivax-Metrotech VM-550 Cable & Pipe Locator
Vivax-Metrotech VM-560 Cable & Pipe Locator
Vivax-Metrotech VM-585 Utility Locator & Metal Detector
Vivax-Metrotech VM-810 Cable & Pipe Locator
Vivax-Metrotech VM-880 Metal Detector
Vivax-Metrotech vScanM Utility Avoidance Tool
Vivax-Metrotech Locating Transmitters Menu
Vivax-Metrotech Loc-1Tx Transmitter
Vivax-Metrotech Loc3-5Tx Transmitter
Vivax-Metrotech Loc3-10Tx Transmitter
Vivax-Metrotech Loc3-10SiSTx Transmitter

Pipe & Sewer Inspection Cameras
Pipe Inspection Camera Accessories
GatorCam4 Camera System
Pearpoint P340 Flexiprobe Pipe Camera Systems
P350 Portable Crawler Camera System
P374 Intrinsically Safe Camera System
Vivax-Metrotech vCamMX Mini Camera System
Vivax-Metrotech vCam-6 HD Pipe Camera Systems

Work Lights & Floodlights Menu
Explosion Proof LED Lamps & Floodlights
Explosion-Proof LED Floodlight & Tripod
Explosion-Proof LED Dive Light
Explosion-Proof LED Drop Light (120 VAC)
Explosion-Proof LED String Light (120 VAC)
LED Work Lights & Floodlights
Dual LED Floodlights
Jameson LED Stubby Lights
Jameson JLite LED Portable Work Lights
Jameson VEGA LED Portable Work Lights
Jameson Fluorescent Work Lights
Jameson Fluorescent Handi-Lights
Jameson Fluorescent Stubby Lights
Dual & Single Lamp Halogen Floodlights
Single-Halogen Floodlight & Tripod
Dual-Halogen Floodlight & Tripod
Magnetic Base Halogen Floodlight

Insulated Hand Tools Menu
19-Piece Deluxe Utility Tool Kit
12-Piece General Utility Tool Kit
29-Piece Maintenance Tool Kit (Imperial/Inches)
29-Piece Maintenance Tool Kit (Metric/Millimeters)
13-Piece Full Electrician's Tool Kit
9-Piece Basic Electrician's Tool Kit
10-Piece General Purpose Tool Kit

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