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12" COM-PAX-IAL Plastic DC Axial Blower

Perfect for locations where electricity is not available, this 12" 12 Volt DC Axial Blower may be operated off a truck battery by connecting the alligator clips. Engineered with flexibility and job demands in mind, every feature of this super-quiet, high-output plastic blower is designed for effectiveness and optimal air-flow performance.

Compact blower and canister are made of durable, lightweight corrosion-, UV- and chemical-resistant polyethylene material. Sturdy, easy-grip handles molded directly into the blower and canister housing makes for convenient, reliable transport.

The all-in-one COM-PAX-IAL offers the choice of 15’ or 25’ ducting length, with the quick-connect clipping system allowing workers to attach canister, tools-free, to input side for powerful extraction or output side for ventilation. Ducting stores in canister.


All 12" DC Axial Blowers are CSA approved. For more information, please review these PDFs: 12" Plastic Axial Blower Data Sheet and Ventilation Air Exchange Chart.

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9546 12" DC Plastic Compact Axial Blower 1330 CFM 1005 CFM 808 CFM 28 lbs. N/A $494.50
9546-15 12" DC Plastic Compact Axial Blower w/Duct Canister 1330 CFM 1005 CFM 808 CFM 43 lbs. 15' $771.50
9546-25 12" DC Plastic Compact Axial Blower w/Duct Canister 1330 CFM 1005 CFM 808 CFM 49 lbs. 25' $832.25

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