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Jameson Pruners

Designed for professional arborists and constructed of forged steel, Jameson pruners provide a smooth cutting action free of frictional drag. Sold separately or in cost-effective packages, these tree trimming accessories are compatible with all Jameson base, extension and telescoping fiberglass pruner poles.

JA-14 Side Cut Pruners

These heavy-duty side cut Jameson pruners are ideal for professional arborists. The JA-14 Professional Series offers a 1.25" side cut and is available in three distinct styles. The JA-14 pruner, constructed of forged steel components, features a raised hook edge for reduced blade drag and an enhanced spring for smoother cutting action.

The JA-14S has all the same great features and a single swivel pulley that allows for pull direction versatility; it offers more leverage with minimal pressure on the pulley arm.

The JA-14DP model pruner requires the least amount of pulling action thanks to the double pulley providing additional leverage, and is available with the adapter or bundled with the adapter and a 20-foot pruner rope.

JA-34 Side Cut Pruners

The JA-34 Big Mouth Pruners have a larger 1.75" side cut hook opening, the largest cutting capacity on the market! The unique design of the Big Mouth pruner features a removable blade bolt and upper spring pin, allowing you to easily access the blade for replacement or sharpening.

The JA-34 model pruner features a single pulley and is available as a standalone tool head (JA-34) or bundled with an adapter and 20-foot pruning rope (PH-34-PKG). The JA-34DP model features a double pulley for added leverage and significant reduction of required pulling force. The Big Mouth double pulley pruner is available with pruner and adapter (JA-34DPA) or with pruner, adapter & pruning rope (JA-34DPA-PKG).

Center Cut Pruners

Constructed of steel and featuring a chain pulley, the PH-11 1" and PH-12 1.5" Center Cut Pruners allow for varying job needs and on-site adjustments by adding your favorite Jameson saw blade, great for avoiding aerial lines or drops. The cost-saving PH-12-PKG comes with a 1.5" center cut pruner, adapter and 20-foot pruner rope. The best value PH-11-PKG includes the 1" pruner, adapter, rope and SB-1T 16" Teflon Coated Saw Blade.

Below are the most popular pruners, additional items are available. For more information, please review the Tree Care Accessories Data Sheet (PDF) and Jameson Tree Care Catalog (PDF).

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JA-14 Fixed Pulley Pruner (1.25" side cut capacity) PHA-14 Adapter $58.58
JA-14S Swivel Pulley Pruner (1.25" side cut capacity) PHA-14 Adapter $69.23
JA-14DP Double Pulley Pruner w/Adapter (1.25" side cut capacity) PHA-14 (Included) $79.88
JA-14DP-PKG 1.25" Double Pulley Pruner w/Adapter and Rope PHA-14 (Included) $90.53
JA-34 1.75" Big Mouth Single Pulley Pruner PHA-14 Adapter $79.88
PH-34-PKG 1.75" Big Mouth Single Pulley Pruner w/Adapter & Rope PHA-14 (Included) $90.53
JA-34DPA 1.75" Double Pulley Pruner w/Adapter PHA-14 (Included) $95.85
JA-34DPA-PKG 1.75" Double Pulley Pruner w/Adapter & Rope PHA-14 (Included) $101.18
PH-11 1" Center Cut Bell B Pruner PHA-11 Adapter
SB-1T & SB-2 Blades
PH-11-PKG PH-11 Pruner, Adapter, Rope,
SB-1T 16" Teflon Coated Saw Blade, Canvas Cover
PHA-11 & SB-1T (Included)
SB-2 Saw Blades
PH-12 1.5" Center Cut Bell C Pruner PHA-12 Adapter $63.90
PH-12-PKG PH-12 Pruner, Adapter, Rope PHA-12 (Included) $85.20
PR-20 20' Pruner Rope All Pruners $10.60
PRI-12 12" Pruner Rope Insulator PR-20 $21.20

The part numbers above reflect the most common options, other accessories are available. For ordering additional items, please reference the Tree Care Accessories Data Sheet (PDF) and call (800) 928-7763 or request a quote.

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