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Glow Rod Accessories

These Glow Rod accessories offer the versatility to handle any wiring situation. They utilize the same thread size, making it easy to attach them to any of the three Glow Rod diameters.

Whether you are looking to replace a lost or broken accessory, or upgrade your Glow Fish Rod user experience, we have you covered!

With a durable case that has separate storage compartments, the accessory kit is perfect for keeping your accessories safe & travel friendly. For more information, please review the Glow Rod Data Sheet (PDF).

Made in the USA

Key Features:
  • Easily attach to Glow Rod via the threaded section
  • Compatible with all Glow Rod diameters
  • Accessory kit is the best buy for handling any wiring situation
  • Flexi-Magnet Bendable retriever with magnet tip, comes with 10' of ball chain with ring
  • Accessory Kit one each of the following items in a durable travel case
  • Whisk helps to guide the push rod and avoid obstacles
  • Bullet nose with eyelet attaches pull line to the Glow Rod
  • Hook is handy for grasping and retrieving wire or cable
  • Bullet nose with ring loops pull line around the Glow Rod or can be grabbed by the hook
  • Ball chain with bullet nose is great for retrieval, best when used with the magnet
  • Magnet retrieves the ball chain when fishing from opposite directions

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Part #



Online Buying

7-00A Bullet Nose with Eyelet $2.69
7-01A Hook $11.85
7-02A Bullet Nose with Ring $4.31
7-03A Whisk $15.60
7-04A Ball Chain Bullet Nose $12.92
7-05A Magnet $14.00
7-06AK Accessory Kit: Hook, Magnet, Whisk, Ball Chain,
Ring Bullet Nose, Eyelet Bullet Nose & Case
7-07A Flexi-Magnet $25.83

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