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Vivax-Metrotech VM-480B Cable & Pipe Locator

The Vivax-Metrotech VM-480B is a split-box locator, half being the receiver and the other half the transmitter, that is simple to use for accurate and easy underground locating. The split-box design allows for simple transport and storage when not in use.

This versatile locator is ideal for locating and tracing the paths of buried cables and pipes; detecting energizing 60Hz power lines; and conducting blind searches, ground surveys and locating underground metal masses when used with the optional carrying handle. The Narrow Noise Bandwidth system provides higher sensitivity for improved accuracy. The VM-480B comes equipped with two (2) peak antennas, one (1) null antenna and one (1) compass antenna, allowing the receiver to support both active 83 kHz and passive 50/60 Hz frequencies.

The VM-480B receiver is powered by six (6) C-cell batteries delivering up to 250 hours of battery life, while the VM-480B transmitter can deliver up to 400 hours of battery life with six (6) C-cell batteries. For more information, please see these PDFs: VM-480B Data Sheet, VM-480B User Manual and VM Series Brochure.

Key Features:
  • Crystal controlled transmitter and receiver – provides operating stability
  • Narrow noise bandwidth – higher sensitivity for improved accuracy
  • Sharp meter response – improved compression circuit makes visual identification of trace objects easier
  • 50/60Hz power line locating capability – coil design reduces interference
  • Automatic shut off on receiver – 30 minutes cycle/time out Automatic battery test

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