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Plastic Water Pipe Locators

No interruption of service or trace wire required! These self-contained, extremely portable systems are ideal for locating plastic pipe, concrete transit, cement pipe, and other non-metallic pipes.

With more than 20 years of field tested experience, the P50 plastic pipe locator is easy to use, cost effective and provides years of accurate and trouble free operation. With the interchangeable ground probe spike and hard surface plate, the Model P50 PipeTool allows for a single operator to pinpoint underground plastic pipes beneath many surfaces.

The Model P100 PipeTool provides all the same great features and industry-leading accuracy as the P50, but incorporates a digital receiver and wireless technology. The large, easy to read digital display is enclosed in a rugged case and features frequency adjustment controls to improve signal clarity and increase locating range, up to double the P50 range!

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The TransOnde pulse wave generators, or thumpers, are specifically designed and calibrated for use in low power sprinklers, medium power meter pit systems and high power fire hydrants. Compatible with both the P50 plastic water pipe locator and P100 plastic water line locator, these thumpers are color-coded for quick and easy identification, reducing down time and miscalculations in the field.

Key Features:
  • Probe pole can be used with the included spike for locating under soil or hard surface plate for locating under paved ground, perfect for water pipes with missing or broken trace wire
  • Both P50 and P100 feature a single-axis seismometer, compatible with all of the thumper kits (thumper kits sold separately)
  • PipeTool kits come with batteries installed, ready right out of the box to locate plastic water pipes (thumper kits sold separately)
  • P50 probe pole has attached analog meter (receiver) and is powered by one (1) 9V battery (TransOnde sold separately)
  • P100 transmitter probe pole features push-button control and is powered by one (1) 9V battery (TransOnde sold separately)
  • P100 digital receiver is NEMA 4 weather resistant and powered by six (6) AA batteries (TransOnde sold separately)
  • TransOnde pulse wave generating devices cover a broad range of water systems, both water pressure and pipe size, without causing an interruption of service
  • TransOnde thumpers are color coded based on factory calibration presets, not field adjustable
  • Red Transmitters should only be used on fire hydrants
  • Yellow Transmitters can not be used on service or sprinkler lines

To learn more, please see these PDFs: P50 PipeTool Data Sheet and P100 PipeTool Data Sheet.

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P50 Analog PipeTool Kit, Receiver Attached 132 Hz - 210 Hz 88 dB
P100 Digital PipeTool Kit, Detached Wireless Receiver 93 Hz - 227 Hz 3 dB
H50101 Sprinkler Kit for Low Pressure Systems - Green TransOnde, Hose & Adapter for Service & Sprinkler lines, pipes smaller than 2" (5cm)
H50102 Meter Kit for Medium Pressure Systems - Yellow TransOnde, Hose & Adapter for Small Water Mains, pipes larger than 2" (5cm)
H50103 Hydrant Kit for High Pressure Systems - Red TransOnde, Hose & Adapter for Large Water Mains, pipes larger than 6" (15cm)

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