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TUBE-LUBE 346 Cable Pulling Gel Lubricant

TUBE-LUBE 346 cable pulling lubricant has a gel consistency that is designed for heavy duty applications, such as laying large-section power cables inside plastic or concrete ducts.

The product is a heavy duty gel that should be applied to the cable as it enters the ducting and will stay on the cable throughout the pull.

TUBE-LUBE 346 is also useful in situations that require very little spillage or mess such as indoor applications.

Available only in 5 gallon pails, the 346 lubricant is compatible with all cable jackets and all types of ducting. This product can be used in temperatures between 14 and 120 degrees F.

For more information, please review these PDFs: Tube-Lube 346 Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet.

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35300-050 5 Gallon Container $106.83

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