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Tree Clearance Accessories

Sold separately or in cost-effective packages, these tree trimming accessories are compatible with all Jameson fiberglass pruner poles.

Tru Shot Throw Bag Shooter

Shoot a throw bag with up to 150' of line through tree limbs using the Tru Shot. This line launcher makes it easy to accurately shoot a throw weight with attached throwline over high targets and into tree canopies.

Unlike other methods on the market, the Tru Shot requires no special license to own or transport and allows the user complete control over thrust force, minimizing the chance of over shooting lower and mid-range targets.

Order the FG-TS-KIT1 for the Tru Shot bundled with two (2) 4' FG Series Professional Arborist Poles, or the FG-TS-KIT2 for the kit with throw bags and line.

Wire & Limb Raiser

Avoid aerial obstacles! The dual-hook design of the plated steel Wire and Limb Raiser allows you to either pull or lift branches away from aerial lines. The WR-1 raiser is compatible with all Jameson pole series, and is perfect for helping with holiday decorations too.

Below are the most popular accessories, additional items are available. For more information, please review the Line Launching Data Sheet (PDF) and Jameson Tree Care Catalog (PDF).

Order online or call us at (800) 928-7763.

Part #



Buy Online

TS-1 Tru Shot Throw Bag and Throwline Launcher $68.00
FG-TS-KIT1 Tru Shot, 4' FG Series Base Pole & 4' FG Series Extension Pole $109.00
FG-TS-KIT2 Tru Shot, 4' FG Series Base Pole, 4' FG Series Extension Pole, Dyneema® 1.75mm x 180' Throw Line, 10oz Throw Bag & 12oz Throw Bag $170.00
TB-10-PKG 10 oz. Throw Bag (12 Pack of Bags) $216.00
TB-12-PKG 12 oz. Throw Bag (12 Pack of Bags) $216.00
TB-14-PKG 14 oz. Throw Bag (12 Pack of Bags) $216.00
TB-16-PKG 16 oz. Throw Bag (12 Pack of Bags) $216.00
WR-1 Plated Steel Limb and Wire Raiser $21.20

The part numbers above reflect the most common options, other accessories are available. To order please see the Jameson Tree Care Catalog (PDF) and call (800) 928-7763 or request a quote.

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