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Line Locator Accessories

Improve locating accuracy and signal strength with Vivax-Metrotech locating accessories. Having the right locator accessory can greatly reduce the time and effort spent locating while increasing confidence.

Signal Clamps

These Vivax-Metrotech Clamps are available in multiple sizes and lengths, making them easy to attach to insulated lines with 2" (50mm), 4" (100mm) or 5" (125mm) diameters. For applying the transmitter signal to larger insulated lines, the VX18/450F clamp features a flexible design that fits diameters up to 18" (450mm).

A-Frame Fault Finder

This lightweight accessory for detecting ground faults on pipes or cables is constructed of carbon fiber reinforced fiberglass, and offers an ergonomic design that does not drag on the ground, thereby ensuring longer product life. The A-Frame Fault Finder is IP54 and NEMA 4 weatherproof, operates at 3Hz/6Hz frequency and is compatible with most Vivax-Metrotech Underground Line Locators.

Remote Antenna

The remote antenna is ideal for locating a specific cable on a cable tray or in a cable bunch, such as an irrigation clock. Used like a stethoscope, the remote antenna uses the frequency range of 512Hz to 65kHz to apply a signal to the cable to be identified. Lower frequencies work better in grouped cables and irrigation clocks, minimizing the chance for signal leaks or bleed over onto other cables.

Live Plug Connector

The Live Plug Connector (LPC) separation filter applies a safe trace tone to a live cable, allowing that cable to be traced via a domestic mains socket from the premise to the connection in the street. The LPC is suitable for connecting to voltages between 100 VAC and 250 VAC, and works with 8 kHz or 32 kHz frequencies set on both the transmitter and receiver.

Bluetooth Module

The optional Bluetooth module for the vLocPro2 and vLocML2 receivers allows you to pair your receiver with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as a cell phone or computer. The Bluetooth module can be retrofitted and added at a later date as needed.

GPS Module

The optional GPS module can be added to provide "internal" GPS, or a GPS signal in the receiver, and installs easily into the built-in GPS holder on the vLocPro2. The GPS module must be used with the Bluetooth module, and the data log can be viewed on a paired Bluetooth device or sent via email.

Carrying Cases

Extend the life of your Vivax-Metrotech locator with an optional hard or soft carrying case. The hard carry case is equipped with foam molds for safely and securely storing a locator receiver, transmitter, ground stake and other peripherals. The soft case features an extendable handle and wheels for easy, single-user transportation to and from any job site.

For more information, please review these data sheets and user guides (PDFs):
Signal Clamps Data Sheet
Signal Clamps Guide
A-Frame Fault Finding Accessory Data Sheet
A-Frame Fault Finding Accessory Guide
Remote Antenna Data Sheet
Remote Antenna Guide
Live Cable Connector (LCC) Data Sheet
Live Plug Connector (LPC) Data Sheet
Live Plug Connector (LPC) Guide

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