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Glow Rod Versa Kit

Two (2) 3/16", two (2) 1/4" and two (2) 5/32" solid fiberglass sectional glow rods offer the perfect non-conductive solution for pushing or pulling wire and cable.

Made of luminescent fiberglass, these fish rods glow in the dark, making it easier to fish in walls, ceilings, crawl spaces and floors.

Threaded sections allow you to customize rod length and the included accessories offer the versatility to handle any wiring situation.

The Versa Kit includes a hook & a whisk, and one of the 5/32" Glow Rods features permanently mounted bullet eyes on each end. To learn more, please see the Glow Rod Data Sheet (PDF).

Made in the USA

Key Features:
  • Bullet nose with eyelet attaches pull line to the Glow Rod
  • Hook is handy for grasping and retrieving wire or cable
  • Whisk helps to guide the push rod and avoid obstacles
  • 5/32" OD Fiberglass Rod has a 3.5" minimum bend radius & 300 lbs. tensile/pull strength
  • 3/16" OD Fiberglass Rod has a 4" minimum bend radius & 500 lbs. tensile/pull strength
  • 1/4" OD Fiberglass Rod has a 6" minimum bend radius & 750 lbs. tensile/pull strength
  • Ideal for installation work, short or long spans and tight spaces
  • Luminescent resin glows in the dark
  • Extreme flexibility easily handles tight turns
  • Threaded sectional rod allows customization of rod length
  • All diameters of Glow Rods feature the same size ferrule so they can be used together

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7-8VK Two (2) 5' x 3/16" Glow Rods, Two (2) 6' x 1/4" Glow Rods, One (1)
6' x 5/32" Glow Rod, One (1) 6' x 5/32" Glow Rod with permanently
mounted bullet eye on each end, One (1) hook & One (1) whisk
34' $88.26

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