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TUBE-LUBE 336 Cable Blowing Lubricant

This product is specifically designed to prevent stress during the laying of fiber optic telephone cables in plastic ducts, using compressed-air cable laying equipment.

We suggest using this product to prelubricate the duct by pouring it into the duct, and then blowing a Foam Bird through the duct.

Additional lubricant should be placed in front and behind the cable carrier to ensure sufficient lubricant for the entire operation.

TUBE-LUBE 336 lubricant is compatible with all cable jackets and all types of ducting. Available in single quart bottles or 1 gallon containers. This product can be used in temperatures between 14 and 120 degrees F.

For more information, please review these PDFs: Tube-Lube 336 Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet.

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Part #



35200-002 1 Quart Spray Bottle, 12 pack $134.91
35200-010 1 Gallon Container $37.48
35200-410 1 Gallon Container, 4 pack $143.65

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