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Gatorcam 4 Sewer Inspection Camera System


Gatorcam 3  Pipe Camera

Gatorcam 4 Sewer Inspection Camera System

Gatorcam 4 is Radiodetection's pushrod inspection system suitable for inspecting pipes from 2" to 8" in diameter. It has the option of a 1" Color Camera or a 2" auto upright color camera.

GatorCam 4's control console is lightweight, portable, rain proof, and washable. Designed to withstand impacts and collision with heavy objects the crystal clear picture is displayed on an in-built industrial grade lcd monitor with anti-reflective screen, which will happily work in extreme temperatures down to -10°C.

Rugged, reliable and interchangeable cameras produce sharp digital pictures, which can be recorded externally or on our in-built compact flash card video recorder. Ideal for transferring images to a clean office environment. Available with a range of sondes for full locatability with the Gator Receiver.


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Gatorcam 4
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